• A Little Hut + DIY Lightbox

    So I've been looking at DIY lightbox tutorials all over the net/pinterest for my card making photography. I dont have a set workspace in my house other than my dining room and dining table for my crafting so right now my only light is my chandelier. I decided to try at least just cutting a box and using white tissue paper to disperse the light. Now to find reasonably priced lamps. I did try using a couple of small led flashlights I have but the light was kind of blue-ish and made the whole picture just look blue-washed.
    Anyway, as time goes on, I'll figure out something better for lighting

    This is a silhouette cut from A Little Hut. It turned out pretty cute.


    And this is what my DIY lightbox looks like. I used a Bath & Body Works box. Not too big and cute pattern on the inside ^_^

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