• Another card based on lessons and inspiration from day 2s insider class.

    Super cute! I'm not brave enough to do plaid patterns yet but these stripes turned out cute! And the acetate window is really nice. I would definitely try this again. I also need to figure out how to keep the acetate cover from lifting. I'm sure it was mentioned in the tutorial. I think i just need to move the inside piece down a tiny bit away from the acetate fold. 

    Here's the inside. I need to work on my alignment with repeatable stamps but I'll figure it out! The stamps also turned out a little incomplete when I stamped them. But it looks sorta aged (also bc apparently I didn't clean the stamps enough between colors) so it's certainly interesting. Me likey! 

  • So this kind of ended up being play time with techniques I'm not familiar with. I even used some cheaper paper which curled a little when I used water. But it turned out cute! I'll do another one like this later with better paper and better planning.

    I'm pretty new to using distress inks but I think it still turned out okay. And what a surprise using the brush that came with the Faber-Castell gelato set to make grass using distress ink in peeled paint! it actually looks like grass!

    Wishing you.... didn't live so far away <3